My Top Picks: Best Destinations For A Guys Weekend Trip

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enjoy that beer mate.

Most vacations and talk of vacations revolve around family fun and/or couples retreats. However, single guys need to take some breaks as well. Going on a trip with your bros is an excellent way to relax and do other things than meeting up for a drink.

Even men that are married should listen up to what we are about to say because vacationing with your guy friends is a great way to really enjoy some of your favorite activities together that your wife might not enjoy as much. Ready? Let’s get down to business and dive into our look at my top picks of the very best travels destinations for you and you road dogs.

Top Destinations For A Guys Weekend Trip:

1. Boston.

That’s “Beantown” biotches.

For a lot of guys, the perfect day revolves around beer and sports. If you find yourself in a group full of guys that love baseball, you could do a lot worse than heading out to Boston for a night out at Green Monstah. Enjoying a game at the legendary Fenway Park is an absolute blast whether you are either a Red Sox fan or you are cheering for the other team. Because the stadium is located near the heart of the city, you’ll be nearby all sorts of other attractions when the game lets out so that you can keep the party rocking – whether you decide to go hit the clubs on Lansdowne St., or pop over to the Cambridge side of the river to checkout the local alternative flavor. No doubt, Boston is a great city to simply walk around and check out all kinds of historic places.

2. Yosemite, California.

If you are interested in sporting activities such as hiking, you are going to want to check out Yosemite, California. Here, you will be greeted with all kinds of stunning views and different opportunities to rock climb if you are up for it. A lot of people from all over the world come to these cliffs for some of the most challenging and thrilling climbs. However, this is also a great place to enjoy some relaxing hours jumping around on boulder with your homies. So if you want to be more low-key about things you can chill because you don’t have to go there specifically to take on the huge climbs.

3. Las Vegas.

Believe it or not, but you do not need to wake up with a huge hangover and virtually no memory to have a great time in Las Vegas. There are endless things to do that you can have fun doing with your friends in Vegas. If you are up for gambling, there is no better place to be. If you are into food and high end dining, you will have a lot of options to consider. This is easily one of the top places to head on a weekend getaway with your boys. Just remember, rubber up. I wear two every time I’m in Vegas. Be safe.


Look Good Over 40 – Old School New Body

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Are you over 35 and feeling out of shape? It happens. As you near 40 your metabolism can slow down and you can get fat even if you are eating less than you did in your 20s. That’s why I like to take a walk every day and hit them gym 4 days a week minimum. I always say shoot for five, then if you miss a day you still went 4 days that week. Watch the video review of Old School New Body above.


Here Are The Best Places To Meet Your Future Ex-Girlfriend

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couple on date on train
Public transit: an overlooked place to find datable women

If you’ve been single for awhile and you’re looking to go out and meet new people – then rest assured that you’re not alone. We’ve all been there, but yet most people like to pretend that meeting a new mate is easy.

Lets be real folks – it’s not!

In my experience one of the hardest aspects of being a single guy is simply finding where to meet other like-minded people who you can date and eventually get into relationships with. It’s tough out there! But fear not – because within this very guide, we’re going to reveal a the very best ways to meet the type of girl you can proudly bring home to meet mom and dad – so let’s get started.

1 – Online

Sure there is still a stigma attached depending on how judgmental your social group is. But at the same time there’s no denying that online dating has seen a huge surge of popularity over the last few years. It’s easy to see why. With huge numbers of people to interact with and a highly convenient way to talk to new womenfolk on a schedule that suits you – online dating is quickly becoming the number one way to meet new babes. In fact, savvy use of the online dating world can easily net dozens of new dates in a very short period of time. Hells to the yeah baby.

2 – Coffee shops

If the online scene in your local area isn’t appealing, then perhaps you’d enjoy more success in your local coffee shop. As one of the best places to spend a few hours in the day, it’s easily one of the best places to meet like-minded people. And what’s more, it’s certainly quite acceptable to strike up a conversation with a stranger in a coffee shop – and in some highly social locations, it may even be expected!

3 – Bars and clubs

The nightlife scene may have a bad reputation for only attracting people who are looking for short-term hookups – but the studies show that a surprising amount of people still meet their significant other in the nightlife scene, so it’s definitely an avenue worth investigating further.

In most cases, it’s best to frequent the bar and club scene with a group of friends, because this gives you some comfort and reassurance of being with familiar faces – while still giving you the opportunity to branch out and meet some new honeys for dating purposes.

In Conclusion…

Overall, it can often feel pretty crappy when you’re single and looking for a new relationship. But if you commit to putting yourself out there, striking up conversations, and generally becoming more social – you’ll soon find a wide range of opportunities presenting themselves to you.

Ultimately, all of your effort to put yourself out there will be time well spent – especially if it helps you to find your significant other – or even just a mutually enjoyable short-term fling. Just remember to keep safe and rubber up.